The Cause

The Cause

No matter where you live in the world, it’s really important to look after your teeth. In Britain we’re very lucky and we usually see the dentist every six months and they can help us if we have a problem with our teeth. But in many countries people aren’t so fortunate and there aren’t enough dentists to help everybody. This means that lots of children and adults are suffering from toothache which hurts and makes them feel sad.

But that’s where Dentaid can help! We send our teams of dentists and equipment from the UK to help people in poorer countries all over the world. They can stop people from having toothacche and help them to learn how to look after their teeth so they don’t have more problems in the future.

Did you know that in some hot countries it’s easier and cheaper to get sweet fizzy drinks than water? That’s terrible for your teeth. Dentaid can teach people about healthy teeth and give people toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Dentaid has invented a special DentaidBox, which is a whole dental surgery that fits into a wheelie bin and can be used in places that don’t have electricity and running water.

Dentaid has lots of supporters and volunteers who help us and it’s great when people raise money for us because we can help more people.